Essential Oils

I was indoctrinated since birth with the idea that there was no other way to manage your health than pharmaceutical medicines and anything else was just black magic and witchcraft. I personally didn’t like any medicine including Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but I usually just stuck it out when I had a headache or cramps, thinking that all other options would make me a crazy, hippie person.

Fast forward 19 years. My parents moved into a house that was saturated with cat hair, literally. Even after painting all of the floors, walls, and ceilings with Kilz paint, re-flooring the house, and letting it air out for days, my baby sister still couldn’t sleep because her allergies made her so congested. She would try to sleep sitting up, but whenever she fell asleep she would lean over, stop breathing, and promptly wake up. My mom was terrified. She called a friend of hers that also had a daughter with special needs to see if she had any advice. She suggested essential oils, starting with some pretty basic ones: lavender and a respiratory blend. As any good daughter would, I research the oils, decided they weren’t hurting my sister, and let my mom do her thing.

It took me a while, but when my mom started calling me basically every day to tell me another way the oils had helped her, one of my siblings, or a friend, I finally decided to try them for myself. I used an immune blend and didn’t get sick a single time that year, even when living in the dorms. I was sold! I started experimenting with more oils and saw many, many more health improvements including my acne clearing up, my hair and nails getting stronger, having more energy, and my digestive issues disappearing quickly. I had always been a healthy person, but these oils took my health to a new level!

I have become a believer in essential oils and love that when someone tells me they’re sick, I can bring them something that will help rather than just telling them I’m sorry.

I do not think that the oils are the end-all, cure-all, savior to everyone, but I do believe that they are a tool that people can use to improve their health. Sometimes that means that they are in good health, but this could take them to a better state of health. Other times this could be a way for people to get to good enough health that they can manage to add other things in their life such as a wholesome diet or exercise.



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